18 ways to quickly increase the conversion rate of cross-border e-commerce websites

It’s great to get traffic to your website, but if the traffic doesn’t convert, it’s almost useless.

This article will outline proven strategies to increase conversion rates for independent sites allowing your visitors to take action whether it’s filling out a form, submitting their email, making a purchase or completing an inquiry.

Tip: The following method to improve website conversion rate is just an outline suggestion, many of which can be expanded into a big topic.

01 Include as little content as possible in the form

When asking for information in the email selection form, ask for as little information as possible. Although you can’t ask visitors to fill in 100 lines the reality is that the more you ask visitors to fill in and the higher threshold you set, the fewer people will submit and it will give you decreased conversion rate.

Marketing Sherpa carried out an A/B test, and the conclusion is: using one more field for collecting information reduced the conversion rate by 11%. Yes, the reality is this cruel.

02 Add a guarantee

This includes the refund policy for the purchased products (including refunds without reason or conditional refunds). In short, when visitors see Guarantee’s information on your website they will feel very secure, which increases the sales usually exceeding any return.

03 Use that vivid verb

When testing different calls to action, try to use action language to stimulate visitors to take action for example, “grab yours”, “reserve your seat”, “Go get a free sample today”.

04 Use customer praise

Customer reviews mentioned here are testimonials in English.Testimonials can reduce the risk of visitors making no purchase on your  website or cross-border e-commerce website because it provides a tangible social proof that foreign customers believe in. You can use these testimonials on your product landing page and on your email landing page.

Tip: You must consciously collect these testimonials. For example, if you have customers who like your product a lot you can just say: If you could please write a testimonial for us (we want to post that on our website), we will really appreciate it, short or long is fine, just share some of your thoughts with us.

05  Clearly state the benefits of your product or service

The focus here is on the benefits rather than writing a lot of features. Regarding the difference between benefits and features I suggest you take a look at using 101 product examples to tell you how to distinguish functions and benefits in foreign trade independent sites. The copywriting of independent e-commerce sites falls into self-healing mode.

It is important to list the features of your product but it is more important to tell potential customers how your product will help them or solve their problems

06 Be sure to pay attention to your title

Your headline may be the most important element of your stand-alone site or landing page. You may have to brainstorm at least 10 times when choosing titles for those important pages.

In addition, as time goes by (for example half a year or a year) you should also re-evaluate the title of your independent site page, optimize the one that should be optimized, and rewrite the one that should be rewritten.

07  Put the element that will cause conversion in the C position

In the webpages of independent sites or cross-border e-commerce sites if there are elements that will cause conversion, such as forms, call to action buttons, then these things should be placed in an obvious position on the independent site to achieve the best results .Don’t be shy, put all these elements in the footer.

08 Use video to humanize your brand

Add a simple video on the homepage or landing page to show that there is a real person behind your brand.

09  Create a dedicated landing page for pay-per-click advertising.

If you use AdWords or other forms of PPC advertising (pay-per-click ads), you must send these visitors to a dedicated landing page, not your homepage.

Of course, some foreign trade independent sites have already considered this at the beginning. They consciously make the homepage similar to the landing page. If they already have this strategy then send the PPC to your independent station homepage. There is no problem with doing that.

10 Highlight the number of subscribers or social media followers

Just like testimonial, adding social proof to independent sites will help visitors reduce risks and increase conversion rates.So you can show the number of subscribers or social-media followers generously. Of course, if you only have 10 followers on Twitter or Facebook, don’t show it.Remember: Don’t add a few zeros on your own terms because the other party can easily go to your social network to see how many followers you have.

11  Put strong and clear call to action into every content of your independent station

Let your readers know exactly what you want them to do next whether it’s clicking a button, reading a link to a blog post or filling out a form.

12 Recommend related products

You need to put a link to related products or content under each product or article, that is, we often see “You also like” or “Maybe you are interested in these articles.”The advantage of this is that it can increase the time visitors spend on your website or cross-border e-commerce site.

13 Display product inventory

If your product is a tangible product, please include the remaining stock numbers in the product description for example: Order now… only 3 left in stock. This number can stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

14 Reduce the hype

Many foreign consumers are very savvy and get easily confused by hype-type copywriting. So a pragmatic approach is to abandon the hype and focus on writing clear and persuasive to help your visitors make purchasing decisions.

15 Test your call to action button changes

Your “buy now” or “order now” buttons may be very different depending on their placement, colour and size.Test several variations to see which performs the best and then use the one with the higher conversion rate. Such testing requires long-term and planned conduct.

16  Tell visitors exactly what they will get

Provide independent site visitors with all the details they need to know about your product. What are the features and benefits? What does it look like? What are the possible uses? Who will benefit most from this? How to deliver?

17  Include a clear value proposition

Tell your potential buyers what is special about your product. Compared with other similar products on the market what are the differences and advantages?

18  Give your visitors a clear landing page

When creating a standalone landing page delete anything that may distract visitors such as navigation bars, other CTAs etc.Your landing page should be 100% for your visitors to take a specific action.