5 Useful WeChat ‘Hidden’ Features


If you are doing business with China, or you are planning to enter the China market, then you must use WeChat. It is the Chinese super App.

You might know WeChat by the basic features, but it’s the other extra features you will discover in this list that might improve your work efficiency and save your data in a disaster! Let’s see how WeChat can enhance your messaging and social experience.

1. Desktop version

Yes, you heard it right, there is a desktop version of WeChat. It allows you to chat to your WeChat contacts while working on your desktop. The desktop WeChat also comes with free voice/video conference call in group chat for upto 15 people, which is very handy in the current situation. However, you won’t be able to access ‘Moments’ on the desktop version WeChat.

Oh, don’t forget it is also a very useful tool to transfer documents, not only between your phone and PC, but also sending files directly from your PC to WeChat contacts.

To send files from desktop WeChat to your phone, click on the phone icon as shown in the image below, then choose ‘File Transfer’.

If you are sending files from Phone to PC, then just use the search function on WeChat mobile App, and search for ‘File Transfer’.

You can download the Desktop Version WeChat from official website:

Windows: https://windows.weixin.qq.com/?lang=en_US

MAC: https://mac.weixin.qq.com/?lang=en_US

2. Pin key contacts or chat groups to the top of the chat list

Instead of searching for the ‘File Transfer’ function every time when you need it, you can just pin it to the top to the chat list, by long pressing on the item, then choose ‘Sticky on Top’.

This feature also applies to contacts and group chats. It is very useful if you have a lot of group chats that can quickly push your regular contacts down in your chat list.


3. Mass messaging

Have you had the moment that you would like to send season’s greetings to many of your contacts on WeChat, but fed up with copy and paste the message all the time?

Well, there is a ‘Broadcast Messages’ feature on WeChat that can help you send the same message to upto 200 contacts in one go.

The quickest way to find the ‘Broadcast Messages’ feature is by using the search function, again!

Once you are in the feature, tap Send now New Broadcast, then Select friends, tap Next to enter messages to send.

It is also a very useful feature to find out who has blocked you!

1. Stickers and links can’t be broadcast.
2. There is no quantity limit in broadcasting messages. However, you can only enter up to 5000 characters per message.
3. Recipients in the same broadcast group won’t be able to see each other with the broadcast message.
4. You can broadcast a message to up to 200 people at the same time.


4. Repair Tool

WeChat has its own data repair tool within the App. It is particularly useful when you have missing chat log or missing contacts. Again, the tool can be accessed by using the search function, by searching ‘recover’.


When doing business with China, the time difference is a huge obstacle. Instead of turning your phone off to avoid the notifications from your WeChat during sleep time, you can set up a silent period on your WeChat, so that no notifications will be received during the time.

To do this, tap ‘Me > Settings > Do Not Disturb‘, then you will be able to set up the start and end time of the ‘peaceful time’.

P.S.: All features mentioned in this article are based on WeChat V8.0.1. It is highly recommended to keep your WeChat updated. You can check you WeChat version by tap ‘Me > Settings > About > Check for Updates


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