Cosplay Craze

HOW CHINA’S LOCAL OFFICIALS ARE HARNESSING CREATIVITY TO BOOST TOURISM In the realm of innovative strategies to revitalise tourism, China’s local officials have taken an unexpected and whimsical approach: cosplay. A recent article from ThinkChina sheds light on this fascinating trend, highlighting how officials are donning costumes to attract visitors and breathe new life into […]

The Fifth Day

EXPLORING THE FESTIVAL OF PO WU AND THE TRADITIONS OF THE GOD OF FORTUNE In the vibrant tapestry of Chinese culture, the celebration of the Chinese New Year is a dazzling spectacle filled with traditions, customs, and ancient folklore. Amidst the jubilant festivities, one auspicious occasion stands out: the Festival of Po Wu. Not only […]


Year of the Dragon

EMBRACING TRADITION AND CULTURE IN CELEBRATION OF THE CHINESE NEW YEAR As the Lunar New Year approaches, billions of people around the globe prepare to embark on a journey of tradition, symbolism, and jubilation. This year, we welcome the majestic Year of the Dragon, a symbol of power, prosperity, and good fortune in Chinese culture. […]


Harbin’s Social Media Magic

HOW THE CITY OF HARBIN HAS SUCCEEDED IN USING SOCIAL MEDIA WITH TOURISM In the heart of China lies a city that has not only charmed visitors with its winter wonders but has also mastered the art of showcasing its allure through social media. Harbin, known for its spectacular Ice and Snow World and rich […]


Driving Change

A NEW ERA OF SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY IS ON THE HORIZON AS CHINESE EV CARS MAKE THEIR DEBUT IN THE UK! In a monumental shift towards sustainable transportation, the United Kingdom is welcoming Chinese electric vehicles to the market. This exciting development not only brings cutting-edge automotive technology to British roads but also promises a significant […]


Dragon Eye

THE CHINESE DIGITAL MONITORING PLATFORM YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR Dragon Eye is a monitoring service with a partnership between New Silk Route Digital in England and East West Agency in Scotland. Their purpose is to meet the growing demand of their clients for tracking and monitoring usage and content on Chinese social medias. With the […]


Embracing Tradition and Renewal

WITH THE CHINESE NEW YEAR FAST-APPROACHING, HOW CAN YOU PREPARE YOUR BRAND FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN? As the festive season draws to an end, millions around the world are gearing up to celebrate the Chinese New Year on the 10th February. This annual tradition, deeply rooted in ancient customs and cultural significance, is not only […]


Above and Beyond

CHINA BECOMES THE LEADING STUDENT SOURCE FOR UK UNIVERSITIES China has emerged as a prominent source of students for higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. In the January to September period, visas issued to Chinese students were increased by 6%. This not only reflects the growing global interconnectedness of education but also brings forth […]


Paying the Price

IF INTERNATIONAL GRADUATES ARE LEAVING THE UK, HOW WILL THIS IMPACT UK UNIVERSITIES, AND WHAT ARE THE CHINESE STUDENTS’ THOUGHTS ON THIS NEW POLICY? With UK Home Secretary James Cleverly announcing the new threshold for overseas workers, UK universities are likely to find themselves massively affected by it. The minimum salary that foreign workers will […]


Navigating Excellence

THE CRUCIAL ROLE OF REPUTATION MANAGEMENT IN CHINESE MARKETING FOR UK UNIVERSITIES The global education landscape has undergone a significant transformation, and for UK universities, tapping into the vast potential of the Chinese market is strategic. As the demand for international education grows among Chinese students, the importance of maintaining a positive reputation cannot be […]