Baidu’s Guide on High Quality Content for search engine

  1. Introduction


Baidu search has always been focused on exceptional user experience by constantly analysing and researching user needs, striving to improve the quality of the search results experience and the hope to return the best results to its users.

What kind of content is good? What kind of content better meets the needs of users? Producers who believe in quality content also want to know the answers to these questions.

We have released the Baidu Guide for Searching for High Quality Content guide which provides suggestions for content producers with the hope that your quality content will be more popular among search users.


  1. Object-oriented


The Baidu Guide for Searching for High Quality Content is applicable to all content producers working with Baidu search including but not limited to smart apps, hundreds of brands, H5 and PC stations etc. Products such as TOP1 Professional Q&A/OpenCard/Notes in search results are also subject to this standard.

For pages where users do not have the real value of search such as pornographic, illegal and cheating pages, low quality pages (page dead chain, blank, empty content, etc.), which fall within the scope of the Baidu search algorithm to crack down on the problem of low quality cheating can be reported to the Baidu Search Algorithm Major Inventory Special Interpretation.


  1. Baidu search measures the dimensions of quality content


Baidu’s search is a simple measure of quality content judged by its “origin”, “face”, “connotation” and “reputation”.


  1. “Origin” – The authority of the producer:

The producer has professional certification, focused on the published content area, recognized by the public and has some influence.


  1. “Face value” – Ease of pleasure in browsing experience:

The page is loaded quickly, the content layout is fine, and the image quality is high.


  1. “Connotation” – Richness and professionalism of content:

The theme of the article is consistent, clear logic, can provide users with rich and comprehensive information, in the field has a certain degree of professionalism.


  1. “Word of Mouth” – User’s Love:

The content is loved by a large number of users, and users have strong willingness to share and interact.


In the next chapter, we will detail the criteria for quality content by different producers and page types.


  1. Baidu search quality content standards


4.1 Qualification of high-quality content producers

4.1.1 “Content Creator”

“Content creator” means the producer who publishes the content with an individual or organizational account.

For example: ordinary users who share their skincare experiences in social forums; travel agents who share their strategies on travel websites; financial analysts who post analytical articles on financial websites.


Quality qualification for content creators:

  1. The account of the creator shall be authentic and credible, and shall not be a random or meaningless number;
  2. The creator should concentrate on creating content in the field he is good at, and the content field should not be too scattered;
  3. The creator has the relevant certification in the field of creation, so as to ensure the credibility and professionalism of the content;
  4. The creator has a certain degree of activity and can keep a certain frequency of content updating.


Related examples:

The content creator shall have an authoritative certification; The content published is focused on a particular area; Frequent content updates.

Above: Example of a Content Creator

Above: Example of Microblogging Content Creator


4.1.2 Qualification of Smart App Developer/Site Level Content Producer:

  1. The smart app developer/site-level content producer has registered and recorded information;
  2. The smart app developer/site-level content producer has the authority to explain the published content or has continuously cultivated high-quality content in the field, accumulated good publicity and influence, has been recognized by the public and has certain authority;
  3. The smart app developer/site-level content producer has a certain degree of activity and can keep a certain frequency of content updating.


Related examples:

Smart App developers/site-level content producers with frequent content updates, focused content publishing areas, keeping up with current events.

Above: Example of smart app developer

Above: Example of site-level content producer


4.2 Page Quality Standards

4.2.1 Page for content

Such pages refer to pages that mainly focus on words, pictures, videos and allow users to browse.

For a quality page to provide content, we should first ensure that the content of the text, pictures and video is highly related. Text that is irrelevant or does not match the content should not be included. It is also the basis for users and Baidu to search for and judge quality content.


Quality standards for text content:

  1. Clear expression

(1) The title of the article is smooth and clear at a glance, and on the basis of accurately summarizing the main contents of the article, the title can be novel and vivid;

(2) The content of the article is complete, expressed clearly, the logic is consistent before and after, there is no word error, word leakage, so that users can accurately obtain information when browsing.

  1. Rich in content

(1) The article is rich in information: (1) The text is attractive, improving the pleasure of user browsing (2) It can give users some guidance and reference (3) Content is interesting

(2) The content has a certain professional depth, explained thoroughly, in depth, can give users a comprehensive analysis and exposition.

  1. Excellent typesetting

The article has clear paragraphs, clear pages, correct and consistent sequence numbers, and provides users with an easy and enjoyable browsing experience.


Related examples:

The article is rich in content, well-written, with clear and coherent paragraphs

Above: High quality sample of text content

Quality standards for picture content:

  1. Comprehensive information

When the main body of the content depends on pictures more heavily (such as recipes, manual production, first aid techniques, etc.), it is necessary to ensure that each step has a corresponding map to avoid the user’s mis-operation.

  1. Excellent visual effect

(1) The picture quality is high definition and has attractive colour matching for the user to provide excellent visual enjoyment;

(2) The proportion of logo, mosaic and other impurities in the picture should not be too large; The watermark should be clearly distinguished, but it cannot affect the user’s browsing of the main content.

(3) The type, format and size of the picture should be unified, the theme style consistent, giving the user an integrated feeling, picture should not be duplicated, invalid pictures should be avoided.


Related examples:

The picture has panoramic auto display and detailed display, high quality and excellent effect

Above: High quality sample of picture content


Quality standards for video content:

  1. Strong visibility

When playing, the caption and the video content and play progress should be kept in sync, there should be no word error, word leakage and other circumstances; If it is a foreign language video, it must be accompanied by a caption to assist users.

  1. Pleasure browsing

(1) The video quality is in high definition, the content is complete, coherent and easy to understand; play smoothly, there is no noise, Carton, watermark and other quality problems in the play;

(2) There are professional live-show and package clips in the production, the effect of the transfer is smooth, vivid and interesting, can attract the eyes of users, and give users a great degree of audio-visual enjoyment.

  1. Expand Sublimation

(1) The content is rich and profound, can give users a certain degree of cognitive thinking, improve the user’s pleasure, or bring users a certain reference, guidance;

(2) The video has several information in form of a document, annotation, bullet screen, score, likes, comment area etc., which provides reference for users.


Related examples:

Video HD, well-made, with a viewpoint introduction, update time and other information for users’ reference

Above: High quality example of video content



4.2.2 Pages Providing Services

Such pages refer to service pages that provide query, download and purchase functions.

For a high-quality page to provide services, we should first ensure that the function in the page is working and available, easy to operate, does not have false information, induced attention and other circumstances that affect the search experience. On this basis, we should focus on:


  1. Strong readability

(1) The main information of the page is detailed and complete, clear expression, prominent theme;

(2) The picture of the page, the video image quality high definition, browsing smoothly;

(3) The content neatly arranged, the paragraphs are clear, the reading is easy and simple, there is no mis-wording, word leakage and so on that cause misunderstanding to the user, the composition can provide a certain explanation for the user.

  1. Abundant information

(1) On the basis of meeting the main needs of users, there are other gain content related to the theme;

For example: In the weather inquiry page, additional clothing matching suggestions and travel suggestions are added;

The download page provides instructions for using the download document;

E-commerce pages offer historical sales prices, and store hot lists.

(2) The page has a trend chart, dynamic effect and other multiple ways to present the content so that users can access the required information;

(3) The comment area is rich in content, there is a large number of real users’ feedback, and the feedback has reference value.


Related examples:

The page information is complete and rich, the classification is detailed, there are trend diagrams for users to reference

Above: High quality example of a webpage that provide query functionality



Related examples:

Ultra-clear picture quality with historical selling price, countdown for preferential activities, video display features, label classification and rating for users’ reference

Above: High quality example of a page that offers shopping


Related examples:

official download channel, complete download information with pictures display and scoring details, lots of comments, content has reference value

Above: High quality example of a page that provide download capabilities


4.2.3, Home, list, and other types of pages

The list page is the middle page of the receiving navigation page and the detail page, and the main body content consists of a plurality of information entries.


  1. Complete information

(1) The title of the page should be displayed in a clear position for users to read;

(2) There is a navigation bar on the first screen or bottom of the first page to ensure that the user is clear about the page he is currently on and how to enter the target page.

  1. Rich in content

(1) the main content of the page is rich with recommendation, operation activities, tags and other reference information, layout is reasonable, there is no white, can clearly present the content to the user;

(2) The page is equipped with video and other value-added content, high definition of the quality of the picture, can play smoothly without noise, black edge and other influence user browsing.

  1. Pleasure browsing

(1) The layout of the page content is attractive, and the format is identical (for example: left and right);

(2) The picture matching is high definition and above and can smoothly switch where the content matches the page theme to give users an excellent browsing experience.


Related examples:

The page layout is beautiful, the format is uniform, the information is complete and clear, and a large amount of label information provides reference to users

Above: Good Example of a List Page