Paying the Price



With UK Home Secretary James Cleverly announcing the new threshold for overseas workers, UK universities are likely to find themselves massively affected by it. The minimum salary that foreign workers will need to earn in order to remain in the UK has risen from £26,000 to £38,700; this will be effective as of spring 2024. International students fear that, after graduation, they will have to leave the country as it is improbable that they will find a career straight away that reaches this salary.


1. Financial Dynamics: The Tuition Conundrum

International students often pay higher tuition fees compared to their domestic counterparts. As foreign graduates depart, universities may face a financial challenge due to the loss of revenue generated from these tuition fees. This could potentially impact the budgetary considerations of institutions that heavily rely on income from international students.

2. The Alumni Network: A Global Connection

The departure of foreign graduates affects the composition of university alumni networks. These networks are not only valuable for the universities but also for the graduates themselves. If a significant portion of international graduates leaves the UK, maintaining and leveraging this global alumni network for mentorship, collaboration, and fundraising might become more challenging.

3. Research and Innovation: A Talent Drain?

Universities benefit from the diverse perspectives and talents of their international students, who often engage in research activities. The departure of foreign graduates may result in a loss of skilled individuals contributing to research projects, potentially impacting the innovative and collaborative spirit that characterizes academic environments.


Above: Chinese students have taken to social media to express their concern and anger at the new minimum salary policy.


4. Cultural Diversity: The Fabric of Campus Life

The vibrant cultural diversity on university campuses contributes significantly to the overall student experience. If foreign graduates leave in large numbers, there could be a noticeable shift in the cultural dynamics of these institutions, affecting not only student life but also the richness of academic discourse.

5. Employment Opportunities and Industry Impact

Some international graduates choose to stay in the UK for employment, contributing to the local workforce. The departure of foreign graduates may impact the talent pool available to local industries, potentially affecting sectors that benefit from a diverse and skilled labour force.

6. Global Reputation: A Balancing Act

The presence of international graduates contributes to the global reputation of UK universities. A decline in the number of foreign graduates could impact the institutions’ standings in international rankings, influencing perceptions of their global competitiveness and attractiveness.


What can we do to help? Well, with our ability to monitor reactions to news such as this on Chinese social media, we can support UK universities by giving them the chance to respond to their international students appropriately.

Don’t pay the price for the UK government’s mistakes. Listen to the students’ voices.

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Navigating Excellence



The global education landscape has undergone a significant transformation, and for UK universities, tapping into the vast potential of the Chinese market is strategic. As the demand for international education grows among Chinese students, the importance of maintaining a positive reputation cannot be overstated. Let’s delve into why reputation management is essential for UK universities engaging in Chinese marketing.

1. Cultural Sensitivity and Trust Building:

Cultural nuances play a pivotal role in shaping perceptions, and understanding these intricacies is fundamental for UK universities aiming to attract Chinese students. Reputation management involves cultivating an image that resonates positively with the values and expectations of the Chinese audience. By demonstrating cultural sensitivity and respect, universities can build trust, a cornerstone for successful, long-term relationships.

2. Digital Presence on Chinese Platforms:

We conducted a higher education report on UK universities during the entirety of September 2023. Through this, we discovered that Chinese students attending UK universities took to social media to upload both positive and negative experiences at their places of education. Specifically, of the 8532 articles we monitored, 3344 accounts were on Little Red Book; 19.7% were on WeChat, and 10.9% were on Weibo. With this data, it emphasises the importance of maintaining an active and encouraging presence on these platforms. Regular engagement, providing valuable content, and promptly addressing and acknowledging concerns contribute to shaping a university’s digital reputation in the eyes of Chinese students and their families.

3. Quality Education and Graduate Success Stories:

A university’s reputation is often closely tied to the quality of education it provides and the success stories of its alumni. Highlighting academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and the achievements of Chinese graduates can significantly enhance a university’s standing in the Chinese education market. Positive word-of-mouth, especially from those who have experienced the educational journey, is a potent reputation-building tool.

4. Adaptability and Responsiveness:

The Chinese market is dynamic, and its preferences and expectations can evolve rapidly. Reputation management involves staying agile and responsive to these changes. Whether it’s adapting marketing strategies, addressing feedback, or aligning with the latest trends in education, universities that demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness are more likely to be perceived positively by the Chinese audience.

5. Challenges and Crisis Management:

In the age of social media, challenges can arise swiftly. A negative incident, whether real or perceived, can have a lasting impact on a university’s reputation. Reputation management includes having robust crisis communication strategies in place. Transparent communication, sharp resolution of issues, and a commitment to continuous improvement can help mitigate damage and safeguard the long-term reputation of a university. In our higher education report, we found that, of the 8532 pieces of content, 411 were negative. With this, we are able to identify and adapt to the challenges to help both the student and the university.

6. Collaboration and Partnerships:

Building a positive reputation in Chinese marketing for UK universities extends beyond individual efforts. Collaborating with reputable Chinese educational institutions, forming partnerships with influential figures, and participating in industry initiatives can enhance a university’s credibility. Associating with respected entities in the Chinese education sphere adds a layer of trust to the university’s reputation.


In conclusion, the reputation of UK universities in the Chinese market is not merely a by-product of marketing efforts; it’s a strategic asset that can significantly influence enrolment numbers and institutional success. By prioritising cultural sensitivity, maintaining a strong digital presence, emphasising quality education, adapting to changing landscapes, and navigating challenges with resilience, UK universities can not only attract Chinese students but also establish a lasting positive reputation in the competitive global education arena.

Reputation management is not just a strategy; it’s a compass to the success of UK universities in light of Chinese marketing. Navigate excellence.

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Bridging Continents



In the realm of international relations and economic ties, President Xi’s recent visit to the United States has sent ripples of anticipation and opportunity across the business landscape. The implications of this historic visit extend far beyond the borders of the US and China, presenting a unique set of prospects for UK businesses. Let’s delve into the key aspects and potential impacts this visit holds for businesses in the United Kingdom.

1. Trade Triumphs:

President Xi’s visit is a testament to the importance of international collaboration in the modern business landscape. As diplomatic ties between the US and China strengthen, the UK finds itself at the intersection of a global trade network. The potential for expanded trade relations between these economic powerhouses opens doors for British businesses to explore new markets and forge mutually beneficial partnerships.

2. Technological Innovation and Collaboration:

Collaboration in technology and innovation is a cornerstone of President Xi’s visit. For UK businesses at the forefront of technological innovation, this presents an unprecedented chance to engage in cross-border partnerships. The exchange of ideas, research, and technological breakthroughs between the US, China, and the UK could lead to groundbreaking innovations that drive economic growth and competitiveness.

3. Cultural Exchange and Diversity:

Beyond the boardrooms and trade negotiations, President Xi’s visit promotes cultural exchange and understanding. As the US and China work towards building stronger cultural ties, UK businesses can benefit from fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. Embracing cultural differences and promoting international collaboration within the workplace can enhance creativity and innovation, creating a more dynamic business atmosphere.

4. Sustainability in Focus:

President Xi’s commitment to environmental sustainability aligns with the global push for greener business practices. This presents an opportunity for UK businesses to align with China’s sustainability goals, exploring partnerships that focus on environmentally friendly practices. By embracing sustainability, UK companies can not only contribute to global environmental efforts but also position themselves as responsible and forward-thinking players in the international market.




President Xi’s visit to the US is significant in representing the interconnectedness of the global economy. As the landscape of international relations evolves, UK businesses have a unique opportunity to navigate new horizons and expand their footprint. The impact of this visit goes beyond diplomatic gestures; it presents a canvas for businesses to paint a future of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable growth.

The key is to remain informed, adaptable, and ready to seize the opportunities that emerge from this historic moment in global diplomacy. This visit is bridging continents and opening entranceways for UK businesses.

Here’s to building bridges.

How Douyin Helps Influencers and Digital Marketing


Douyin and Tiktok are the newest social media apps which businesses should make their marketing tool. Both are owned by Byetdance. They are the platforms which turn young twenty-somethings into overnight celebrities. They create a bridge between your business and the younger generation.

It’s yet another social media app your business has to understand. And you’ve only started Instagram the other day.

Before I talk about my experience using Douyin, I want to establish that I think social media works well for creating a brand and building a loyal consumer fanbase. In my spare time, I use TikTok. It’s a fun app and the statistic is true – users do usually spend an hour addicted to the app.

If you’ve never heard of Douyin, the Chinese app has some strong marketing power. It has helped China’s economy recover post-lockdown through e-commerce, tourism and a focus on luxury brands (i.e. Michael Kors). Douyin has a great focus on influencers as well.

There Are 600 Million Daily Users

With 600 million daily users, Douyin is not a social media app to ignore. When I first started my channel, I soon had 3000 followers after a month of posting videos. My channel posts about books, British language and tourism. The first videos were reviews of books for 7-8 year olds. While it might seem difficult to build followers, Douyin is a great app for this. There is also something scary about filming yourself talking – or filming your business – for the first time. But it’s worth it. Now, my channel has 26K visitors, who comment and like the videos. In less than a year, that’s an amazing achievement.

There Was Still Human Connection in a World in Lockdown

One of the most amazing things about social media: it connected us in a time when the world stood still. Humans stayed inside. Nature returned. We waited – and still wait – for the pandemic to pass over. Like many social media, Douyin gave its consumers an opportunity to feel connected to other people. The high engagement on my videos has included one posts achieving 265K views and 482 comments.

With social distancing being a huge aspect of our lives, the world of social media has almost stood in as a place outside of the pandemic where we can connect to others. You might be scrolling on Instagram, liking your friend’s Facebook post, or searching through the ‘For You’ page on TikTok. The social media apps we use have helped us stay updated on information and connected in a time where we all sheltered from each other. I’m aware social media has its flaws – the comparisons to idealised lives being one of them. However, social media has connected us to people we miss, the local businesses we want to support and maybe even the influencers who live thousands of miles away from us, standing in front of their bookshelves, talking about English Literature.

The Format Allows for Popular Posts

The content users can post on Douyin mainly include short, often thirty-second videos. This content is brilliantly matched for a world where people are busy in their daily lives, and may only have a few minutes to relax on social media. My short videos often explain one aspect of British language, or recommend one book. Followers might only have a few minutes but may learn some English or decide on their next read. Being able to quickly catch-up on information, see influencers, local businesses and friends online can make your day a lot easier.

The format of these videos allows for videos to become a lot more popular. It is quick to watch in comparison to apps such as YouTube. This often means people see more content, like more posts and share them with friends.

A Note on Douyin

Douyin is one of the newest and most popular social media apps in China. Whilst I am new to being an influencer, it has been a great process to learn about the app, find a niche (books), and help my followers. After eight months, it’s lovely to still talk about books and literature. What is better than connecting to people about something you love, like books?

If you love your business, I’d recommend giving an app like Douyin a try. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an influencer in the education, book, tourism or culture sector then I can help you to reach a Chinese audience. See our influencer page for details.

The Island of Hainan: Moon Landings, Education & Investment

The Long March-5 (China’s largest carrier rocket) recently launched as an initiative to collect and bring back rocks from the moon. It is the first time in 44 years this has been attempted and China would be the third to do so. Previous launches have been from the USA and also the Soviet Union.

Image Credit: CNSA.

The Long March-5 was launched from the Wenchang Space Centre in Hainan on Monday at 3:30pm Eastern Time.

The Island of Hainan

The launch – although remarkable in itself – reminded us Hainan is an island in China with lots of movement in economic, technological and educational industries. We asked ourselves: What else do we know about Hainan’s plan for the future?

  • On June 2020, the plan for a Hainan Free Trade Port was officially released.
  • By 2025, Hainan aims to have Free Convenient Trade and Investment. This will include: people, data transfer and transportation.
  • There is a focus on opportunities for key industries such as: tourism, modern services and tech services.
  • Key International Parks include the Wenchang International Aerospace City, which saw the Chang’e-5 Mission otherwise known as the launch of Long March-5.
  • The island aims to be an “Island for International Education”
  • Hainan has set out aims to grant national treatment to overseas providers.
  • The Chinese Ministry of Finance announced it has allocated 6.5 billion yuan (about $970 million US) to Hainan for economic reforms.

Image Credit: Hainan IEDB.

The future is bright…

It’s clear Hainan has a made clear progressive goals in terms of education, tourism, science, modern tech and finance. It may offer many businesses the chance to advertise to a profitable and positive market during a world still recovering post-pandemic.

*Cover Image Credit: Hainan IEDB.

18 ways to quickly increase the conversion rate of cross-border e-commerce websites

It’s great to get traffic to your website, but if the traffic doesn’t convert, it’s almost useless.

This article will outline proven strategies to increase conversion rates for independent sites allowing your visitors to take action whether it’s filling out a form, submitting their email, making a purchase or completing an inquiry.

Tip: The following method to improve website conversion rate is just an outline suggestion, many of which can be expanded into a big topic.

01 Include as little content as possible in the form

When asking for information in the email selection form, ask for as little information as possible. Although you can’t ask visitors to fill in 100 lines the reality is that the more you ask visitors to fill in and the higher threshold you set, the fewer people will submit and it will give you decreased conversion rate.

Marketing Sherpa carried out an A/B test, and the conclusion is: using one more field for collecting information reduced the conversion rate by 11%. Yes, the reality is this cruel.

02 Add a guarantee

This includes the refund policy for the purchased products (including refunds without reason or conditional refunds). In short, when visitors see Guarantee’s information on your website they will feel very secure, which increases the sales usually exceeding any return.

03 Use that vivid verb

When testing different calls to action, try to use action language to stimulate visitors to take action for example, “grab yours”, “reserve your seat”, “Go get a free sample today”.

04 Use customer praise

Customer reviews mentioned here are testimonials in English.Testimonials can reduce the risk of visitors making no purchase on your  website or cross-border e-commerce website because it provides a tangible social proof that foreign customers believe in. You can use these testimonials on your product landing page and on your email landing page.

Tip: You must consciously collect these testimonials. For example, if you have customers who like your product a lot you can just say: If you could please write a testimonial for us (we want to post that on our website), we will really appreciate it, short or long is fine, just share some of your thoughts with us.

05  Clearly state the benefits of your product or service

The focus here is on the benefits rather than writing a lot of features. Regarding the difference between benefits and features I suggest you take a look at using 101 product examples to tell you how to distinguish functions and benefits in foreign trade independent sites. The copywriting of independent e-commerce sites falls into self-healing mode.

It is important to list the features of your product but it is more important to tell potential customers how your product will help them or solve their problems

06 Be sure to pay attention to your title

Your headline may be the most important element of your stand-alone site or landing page. You may have to brainstorm at least 10 times when choosing titles for those important pages.

In addition, as time goes by (for example half a year or a year) you should also re-evaluate the title of your independent site page, optimize the one that should be optimized, and rewrite the one that should be rewritten.

07  Put the element that will cause conversion in the C position

In the webpages of independent sites or cross-border e-commerce sites if there are elements that will cause conversion, such as forms, call to action buttons, then these things should be placed in an obvious position on the independent site to achieve the best results .Don’t be shy, put all these elements in the footer.

08 Use video to humanize your brand

Add a simple video on the homepage or landing page to show that there is a real person behind your brand.

09  Create a dedicated landing page for pay-per-click advertising.

If you use AdWords or other forms of PPC advertising (pay-per-click ads), you must send these visitors to a dedicated landing page, not your homepage.

Of course, some foreign trade independent sites have already considered this at the beginning. They consciously make the homepage similar to the landing page. If they already have this strategy then send the PPC to your independent station homepage. There is no problem with doing that.

10 Highlight the number of subscribers or social media followers

Just like testimonial, adding social proof to independent sites will help visitors reduce risks and increase conversion rates.So you can show the number of subscribers or social-media followers generously. Of course, if you only have 10 followers on Twitter or Facebook, don’t show it.Remember: Don’t add a few zeros on your own terms because the other party can easily go to your social network to see how many followers you have.

11  Put strong and clear call to action into every content of your independent station

Let your readers know exactly what you want them to do next whether it’s clicking a button, reading a link to a blog post or filling out a form.

12 Recommend related products

You need to put a link to related products or content under each product or article, that is, we often see “You also like” or “Maybe you are interested in these articles.”The advantage of this is that it can increase the time visitors spend on your website or cross-border e-commerce site.

13 Display product inventory

If your product is a tangible product, please include the remaining stock numbers in the product description for example: Order now… only 3 left in stock. This number can stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

14 Reduce the hype

Many foreign consumers are very savvy and get easily confused by hype-type copywriting. So a pragmatic approach is to abandon the hype and focus on writing clear and persuasive to help your visitors make purchasing decisions.

15 Test your call to action button changes

Your “buy now” or “order now” buttons may be very different depending on their placement, colour and size.Test several variations to see which performs the best and then use the one with the higher conversion rate. Such testing requires long-term and planned conduct.

16  Tell visitors exactly what they will get

Provide independent site visitors with all the details they need to know about your product. What are the features and benefits? What does it look like? What are the possible uses? Who will benefit most from this? How to deliver?

17  Include a clear value proposition

Tell your potential buyers what is special about your product. Compared with other similar products on the market what are the differences and advantages?

18  Give your visitors a clear landing page

When creating a standalone landing page delete anything that may distract visitors such as navigation bars, other CTAs etc.Your landing page should be 100% for your visitors to take a specific action.

Baidu’s Guide on High Quality Content for search engine

  1. Introduction


Baidu search has always been focused on exceptional user experience by constantly analysing and researching user needs, striving to improve the quality of the search results experience and the hope to return the best results to its users.

What kind of content is good? What kind of content better meets the needs of users? Producers who believe in quality content also want to know the answers to these questions.

We have released the Baidu Guide for Searching for High Quality Content guide which provides suggestions for content producers with the hope that your quality content will be more popular among search users.


  1. Object-oriented


The Baidu Guide for Searching for High Quality Content is applicable to all content producers working with Baidu search including but not limited to smart apps, hundreds of brands, H5 and PC stations etc. Products such as TOP1 Professional Q&A/OpenCard/Notes in search results are also subject to this standard.

For pages where users do not have the real value of search such as pornographic, illegal and cheating pages, low quality pages (page dead chain, blank, empty content, etc.), which fall within the scope of the Baidu search algorithm to crack down on the problem of low quality cheating can be reported to the Baidu Search Algorithm Major Inventory Special Interpretation.


  1. Baidu search measures the dimensions of quality content


Baidu’s search is a simple measure of quality content judged by its “origin”, “face”, “connotation” and “reputation”.


  1. “Origin” – The authority of the producer:

The producer has professional certification, focused on the published content area, recognized by the public and has some influence.


  1. “Face value” – Ease of pleasure in browsing experience:

The page is loaded quickly, the content layout is fine, and the image quality is high.


  1. “Connotation” – Richness and professionalism of content:

The theme of the article is consistent, clear logic, can provide users with rich and comprehensive information, in the field has a certain degree of professionalism.


  1. “Word of Mouth” – User’s Love:

The content is loved by a large number of users, and users have strong willingness to share and interact.


In the next chapter, we will detail the criteria for quality content by different producers and page types.


  1. Baidu search quality content standards


4.1 Qualification of high-quality content producers

4.1.1 “Content Creator”

“Content creator” means the producer who publishes the content with an individual or organizational account.

For example: ordinary users who share their skincare experiences in social forums; travel agents who share their strategies on travel websites; financial analysts who post analytical articles on financial websites.


Quality qualification for content creators:

  1. The account of the creator shall be authentic and credible, and shall not be a random or meaningless number;
  2. The creator should concentrate on creating content in the field he is good at, and the content field should not be too scattered;
  3. The creator has the relevant certification in the field of creation, so as to ensure the credibility and professionalism of the content;
  4. The creator has a certain degree of activity and can keep a certain frequency of content updating.


Related examples:

The content creator shall have an authoritative certification; The content published is focused on a particular area; Frequent content updates.

Above: Example of a Content Creator

Above: Example of Microblogging Content Creator


4.1.2 Qualification of Smart App Developer/Site Level Content Producer:

  1. The smart app developer/site-level content producer has registered and recorded information;
  2. The smart app developer/site-level content producer has the authority to explain the published content or has continuously cultivated high-quality content in the field, accumulated good publicity and influence, has been recognized by the public and has certain authority;
  3. The smart app developer/site-level content producer has a certain degree of activity and can keep a certain frequency of content updating.


Related examples:

Smart App developers/site-level content producers with frequent content updates, focused content publishing areas, keeping up with current events.

Above: Example of smart app developer

Above: Example of site-level content producer


4.2 Page Quality Standards

4.2.1 Page for content

Such pages refer to pages that mainly focus on words, pictures, videos and allow users to browse.

For a quality page to provide content, we should first ensure that the content of the text, pictures and video is highly related. Text that is irrelevant or does not match the content should not be included. It is also the basis for users and Baidu to search for and judge quality content.


Quality standards for text content:

  1. Clear expression

(1) The title of the article is smooth and clear at a glance, and on the basis of accurately summarizing the main contents of the article, the title can be novel and vivid;

(2) The content of the article is complete, expressed clearly, the logic is consistent before and after, there is no word error, word leakage, so that users can accurately obtain information when browsing.

  1. Rich in content

(1) The article is rich in information: (1) The text is attractive, improving the pleasure of user browsing (2) It can give users some guidance and reference (3) Content is interesting

(2) The content has a certain professional depth, explained thoroughly, in depth, can give users a comprehensive analysis and exposition.

  1. Excellent typesetting

The article has clear paragraphs, clear pages, correct and consistent sequence numbers, and provides users with an easy and enjoyable browsing experience.


Related examples:

The article is rich in content, well-written, with clear and coherent paragraphs

Above: High quality sample of text content

Quality standards for picture content:

  1. Comprehensive information

When the main body of the content depends on pictures more heavily (such as recipes, manual production, first aid techniques, etc.), it is necessary to ensure that each step has a corresponding map to avoid the user’s mis-operation.

  1. Excellent visual effect

(1) The picture quality is high definition and has attractive colour matching for the user to provide excellent visual enjoyment;

(2) The proportion of logo, mosaic and other impurities in the picture should not be too large; The watermark should be clearly distinguished, but it cannot affect the user’s browsing of the main content.

(3) The type, format and size of the picture should be unified, the theme style consistent, giving the user an integrated feeling, picture should not be duplicated, invalid pictures should be avoided.


Related examples:

The picture has panoramic auto display and detailed display, high quality and excellent effect

Above: High quality sample of picture content


Quality standards for video content:

  1. Strong visibility

When playing, the caption and the video content and play progress should be kept in sync, there should be no word error, word leakage and other circumstances; If it is a foreign language video, it must be accompanied by a caption to assist users.

  1. Pleasure browsing

(1) The video quality is in high definition, the content is complete, coherent and easy to understand; play smoothly, there is no noise, Carton, watermark and other quality problems in the play;

(2) There are professional live-show and package clips in the production, the effect of the transfer is smooth, vivid and interesting, can attract the eyes of users, and give users a great degree of audio-visual enjoyment.

  1. Expand Sublimation

(1) The content is rich and profound, can give users a certain degree of cognitive thinking, improve the user’s pleasure, or bring users a certain reference, guidance;

(2) The video has several information in form of a document, annotation, bullet screen, score, likes, comment area etc., which provides reference for users.


Related examples:

Video HD, well-made, with a viewpoint introduction, update time and other information for users’ reference

Above: High quality example of video content



4.2.2 Pages Providing Services

Such pages refer to service pages that provide query, download and purchase functions.

For a high-quality page to provide services, we should first ensure that the function in the page is working and available, easy to operate, does not have false information, induced attention and other circumstances that affect the search experience. On this basis, we should focus on:


  1. Strong readability

(1) The main information of the page is detailed and complete, clear expression, prominent theme;

(2) The picture of the page, the video image quality high definition, browsing smoothly;

(3) The content neatly arranged, the paragraphs are clear, the reading is easy and simple, there is no mis-wording, word leakage and so on that cause misunderstanding to the user, the composition can provide a certain explanation for the user.

  1. Abundant information

(1) On the basis of meeting the main needs of users, there are other gain content related to the theme;

For example: In the weather inquiry page, additional clothing matching suggestions and travel suggestions are added;

The download page provides instructions for using the download document;

E-commerce pages offer historical sales prices, and store hot lists.

(2) The page has a trend chart, dynamic effect and other multiple ways to present the content so that users can access the required information;

(3) The comment area is rich in content, there is a large number of real users’ feedback, and the feedback has reference value.


Related examples:

The page information is complete and rich, the classification is detailed, there are trend diagrams for users to reference

Above: High quality example of a webpage that provide query functionality



Related examples:

Ultra-clear picture quality with historical selling price, countdown for preferential activities, video display features, label classification and rating for users’ reference

Above: High quality example of a page that offers shopping


Related examples:

official download channel, complete download information with pictures display and scoring details, lots of comments, content has reference value

Above: High quality example of a page that provide download capabilities


4.2.3, Home, list, and other types of pages

The list page is the middle page of the receiving navigation page and the detail page, and the main body content consists of a plurality of information entries.


  1. Complete information

(1) The title of the page should be displayed in a clear position for users to read;

(2) There is a navigation bar on the first screen or bottom of the first page to ensure that the user is clear about the page he is currently on and how to enter the target page.

  1. Rich in content

(1) the main content of the page is rich with recommendation, operation activities, tags and other reference information, layout is reasonable, there is no white, can clearly present the content to the user;

(2) The page is equipped with video and other value-added content, high definition of the quality of the picture, can play smoothly without noise, black edge and other influence user browsing.

  1. Pleasure browsing

(1) The layout of the page content is attractive, and the format is identical (for example: left and right);

(2) The picture matching is high definition and above and can smoothly switch where the content matches the page theme to give users an excellent browsing experience.


Related examples:

The page layout is beautiful, the format is uniform, the information is complete and clear, and a large amount of label information provides reference to users

Above: Good Example of a List Page