Creative Bath Awards Have Published Their Finalists!

How We Became One of Them

We were excited to see the Creative Bath Awards open again this year and determined to apply for the awards. The Creative Bath Awards recognise creative businesses in Bath and is a highly contested award. Our journey to becoming finalists started last year, when we began creating amazing content during the pandemic and promoting local tourism.  

The Importance of Storytelling

When we started to plan our application, we had team meetings to discuss the awards and decide if it suited our company. The Creative Bath Awards looked perfect for us – it recognised our creativity as a digital marketing business in Bath. We initially researched previous finalists and compared our similarities and differences. We also took time to reflect on our ‘why” – why we believe there is interest in digital marketing between China and the UK. We also discussed our high motivation to understand new media forms, such as short video platforms.  

Our Social Media Executive, Becky Spicer, then wrote up most of the application and took into consideration the team’s answers to the questions. Becky wrote the application and crafted it to present our business through ‘The Hero’s Journey’. This model of writing specifically showed the challenge we faced during the pandemic, our quest to create Douyin videos and help UK businesses reach China, and how our attributes as a company helped us to overcome the challenges. For example, our company is informative, educational, creative and determined. These attributes have helped us to continue to support business clients and produce creative content during the pandemic. 

 Creativity During the Pandemic

The past year has been difficult for creative businesses because of the pandemic. We found our company was faced with creating innovative ways to help our UK business clients digitally market to China. One of the main ways we have achieved this is through our influencer channel on Douyin (Chinese TikTok). One of our best marketing campaigns on our Douyin channel was called ‘British Slang Words’. This focused on explaining British Slang to Chinese students or visitors to the UK. We created 27 videos for this campaign and achieved a total of 596K views. We are delighted to say we are now finalists in the ‘Marketing Campaign’ category and ‘Agency’ category for the Creative Bath Awards.

We are also pleased to announce Becky is a finalist for the ‘Creative Bath Student’ category for the Creative Bath Awards.


The one key aspect of our application to secure our place as finalists was taking the time to reflect on the past year and write down the creative achievements we have made. We are looking forward to the Bath Creative Award ceremony in August!