Dragon Eye



Dragon Eye is a monitoring service with a partnership between New Silk Route Digital in England and East West Agency in Scotland. Their purpose is to meet the growing demand of their clients for tracking and monitoring usage and content on Chinese social medias.

With the Chinese digital market ever-changing, it is more important than ever to be staying on top of trends, monitoring mentions on social platforms, keeping tabs on competitors and providing up-to-date content. Dragon Eye was created to provide this very service.


So, what exactly do Dragon Eye have to offer?

1. Three packages to choose from depending on the size of your business

2. Bespoke services to assist with your social media monitoring and data insight

3. Digital monitoring expertise in a range of sectors to better suit their customers


Dragon Eye’s monitoring process is monitor, analyse and improve – this is the foundation of their work and they follow this method effectively, allowing all their customers to experience services of similar efficiency and personalised assistance.

They cover a range of well-known Chinese social medias, such as Weibo, WeChat, Little Red Book and Baidu; hence forth, providing a vast landscape of expertise for online platforms.

Dragon Eye are also offering a one month free trial to give all customers the opportunity to try out their services with no expense.

With Dragon Eye, you’re in good hands.

Monitor. Analyse. Improve.