Bristol International College


Bristol International College

“Bristol International College (BIC) is a University of London Recognised Teaching Centre approved to teach the International Foundation Programme (IFP).”

BIC website

BIC Chinese website

Our Task


BIC’s English website is blocked in China therefore, we helped them to register the new .cn domain name and to host their Chinese website in Hong Kong. Moreover, we designed BIC’s homepage to fit Chinese users’ taste and to suit Baidu’s search engine algorithm.

Furthermore, we helped BIC to coordinate with the British Council and to participate in StudyUK’s spring campaign.

Running BIC’s Weibo advertising campaign we achieved 400k impressions.

In addition, we organized and promoted BIC’s trial online lesson campaign which was a huge success.

As a result, BIC signed a landmark contract with a Chinese education group.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Weibo Advertising
  • Project Management
  • BIC Chinese website

  • BIC Weibo

  • Trial lesson campaign