The Island of Hainan: Moon Landings, Education & Investment

The Long March-5 (China’s largest carrier rocket) recently launched as an initiative to collect and bring back rocks from the moon. It is the first time in 44 years this has been attempted and China would be the third to do so. Previous launches have been from the USA and also the Soviet Union.

Image Credit: CNSA.

The Long March-5 was launched from the Wenchang Space Centre in Hainan on Monday at 3:30pm Eastern Time.

The Island of Hainan

The launch – although remarkable in itself – reminded us Hainan is an island in China with lots of movement in economic, technological and educational industries. We asked ourselves: What else do we know about Hainan’s plan for the future?

  • On June 2020, the plan for a Hainan Free Trade Port was officially released.
  • By 2025, Hainan aims to have Free Convenient Trade and Investment. This will include: people, data transfer and transportation.
  • There is a focus on opportunities for key industries such as: tourism, modern services and tech services.
  • Key International Parks include the Wenchang International Aerospace City, which saw the Chang’e-5 Mission otherwise known as the launch of Long March-5.
  • The island aims to be an “Island for International Education”
  • Hainan has set out aims to grant national treatment to overseas providers.
  • The Chinese Ministry of Finance announced it has allocated 6.5 billion yuan (about $970 million US) to Hainan for economic reforms.

Image Credit: Hainan IEDB.

The future is bright…

It’s clear Hainan has a made clear progressive goals in terms of education, tourism, science, modern tech and finance. It may offer many businesses the chance to advertise to a profitable and positive market during a world still recovering post-pandemic.

*Cover Image Credit: Hainan IEDB.