Top 3 Tips On Reaching A Chinese Audience In December


How do you market your business or product to a Chinese audience in December? Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year in the UK. It’s a time when most brands will market to their audience on Instagram or Facebook. We see brands like John Lewis becoming synonymous with Christmas due to their adverts. In China, Christmas has started to become a more celebrated event although it’s not an official holiday. In mainland China, it’s common to see decorations and people enjoying the festive season.

Why does December make a difference?

It might seem more work to treat December marketing differently to the rest of the year but it’s vital that businesses do. When the behavior of audiences change, businesses need to cater to that change to stay relevant.

1. Social Media – Weibo, WeChat & Douyin

Social media is key to reaching Chinese audiences. Chinese audiences usually spend time on Chinese social media apps such as Weibo, WeChat and Douyin. If you want to reach a Chinese audience, it’s important to market on these platforms as this is where your audience will be. WeChat and Weibo are also known to offer great tools for advertising for companies.

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2. Timing is Key

  • On December 12th, it is Double 12 day (an online shopping festival). This is a great chance to market to your audience.
  • Christmas posts closer to the 25th will usually do well with a Chinese audience as it’s a less celebrated occasion than in the UK.
  • Christmas is between Double 12 and New Year’s celebrations. It gives Chinese consumers an opportunity to buy presents for the New Year or catch up on any deals they feel they’ve missed out on in Double 12.
  • The New Year is a major celebration for Chinese audiences so make sure to focus posts on this too.

3. Luxury Gifts

According to Jing Daily, China accounted for 18.8 per cent of luxury store openings world wide this year. If your business sells luxury products, December is the perfect time to offer Christmas discounts and market them to a Chinese audience. It’s a great time of year if your business is marketed to consumers.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December is a festive season. It can be easy to be caught up in marketing strategies, apps and post impressions. Our bonus advice would be to show an authentic side to your business. On that note, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.




Featured Image: Unsplash